Every story is a journey. We illustrate maps of your most meaningful memories so they’ll always have a place in your home and heart.

Our Journey

It began the way all great adventures do: with curiosity guided by joy and passion. Crystal and Jorge, founders of Paper Mundi, met in architecture school and immediately bonded over a shared love of design and travel.

After a few years working in corporate architecture, we began painting our way around the globe. Our whimsical, uniquely-detailed maps reflect the awe that each place inspires. Using a combination of digital and hand-painted techniques, we design and illustrate maps of cities, countries, landscapes and landmarks—basically, any place worth visiting and exploring.

To us, this means everywhere.

Our Values

We believe the world is a vast, beautiful place filled with cultures, languages, and wonders that enrich us all. Our art is carefully researched and designed to help you slow down and enjoy every little detail around you. From famous settings to little-known spots, learning about new places helps us find a sense of self and form meaningful connections. In fact, it’s our favorite form of research, not only for our art, but for this amazing experiment we call life.

Our Impact

We wouldn’t be who we are without the places we’ve been. As designers, architects, and human beings, we’re strongly committed to respecting the earth and lowering our economic footprint. We’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant one tree for every purchase, and are continuously looking for ways to make our business more sustainable.

You can read more about our environmental initiatives here.

Our Hope

No matter where Paper Mundi takes us, we always manage to feel at home. Whether you choose a custom drawing of your favorite city or discover someplace new, we hope our products inspire you to see the world through new eyes and celebrate where you are, where you’re going, and where you’ve been.