Weekly Inspiration | Modern Botanical Interiors

Weekly Inspiration | Modern Botanical Interiors
Here's a weekly roundup of our favorite Pinterest images featuring home decor and more!
1. Shades of Green - Minty greens and neutrals create such a calming atmosphere in this minimalist bedroom.
99 Scandinavian Design Bedroom Trends In 2017 (6):
2. Watercolor Walls - Such a creative and unique way to use paint in a bedroom; we love the intentionally imperfect look.
aworldofdecoration: “muralswallpaper.com makes these beautiful walls, love it ”:
3. Garden Vegetables Art Print - Our vegetables art print sitting pretty above the shelf. We love how all the colors pop against a minimal white background.
Les Végétaux | Vegetables Art Print - By Lyra Press, a design and illustration studio specializing in handmade infographics:
4. Cool + Modern Gallery - We love this unique gallery wall layout - as long as your prints adhere to a simple color palette, you can place them directly next to each other. White + green always make for a calm, relaxing vibe. 
5. Traveler's Kitchen - Warm earthy tones + mismatched chairs, this room is perfectly coordinated for a vintage, rustic feel. We love the hanging map - a lovely way to commemorate travel and adventure.
Dining Room |:
More inspiration to come next week :) Happy weekend!

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