A Little About Us

A Little About Us

Hi everyone!

We thought we'd say a quick 'hello' and tell you a little bit about us, how we got started, etc.

We are Crystal and Jorge, husband-and-wife team behind Paper Mundi, which functions as both an online shop and an illustration studio. We met in architecture grad school, where we shared a studio desk and eventually became inseparable. After a few years working in corporate architecture firms, we decided that it was only natural to return to working together in a studio!

Aside from design, we both share a passion for learning about other languages, other cultures, and about the natural world. We love to learn and love design – and we have always talked about how art/design could be used as a fun, beautiful educational tool in everyday life.

We base each graphic on something we want to know more about in our own lives, and we hope that you can benefit from our designs as well! We want to spread the idea that art can be simultaneously beautiful and functional for everyday life.

Thanks for reading :)

Crystal + Jorge


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